You know those lounge days when there’s not much to do and there aren’t obligations? The lazy days you spend laying around, not worrying about work the next day.

Those are the quiet days perfect for hours with an adult coloring book.

A coloring date night is exactly as it sounds:

  1. Pull out a coloring book or a giant coloring poster
  2. Gather up your coloring pens, markers, crayons, or whatever
  3. Pour a glass of wine and heat up appetizers
  4. Sit around (or lay down) while coloring the designs

Nicole loves coloring, she probably has two dozen coloring books of all types. We’ll lounge and enjoy each other’s company while feeling like kids again. Sometimes we put on music, other times we’ll have Netflix shows playing in the background.

We got to thinking… does a color book date count?

Looks like someone else has the same, great idea!

It’s certainly fits the bill for cheap date ideas. And, also falls under that category for at-home date nights. It would work for a date, couples, and married folk.

The adult coloring books they’ve got now are pretty awesome and quite extensive when you dig around on Amazon. There’s also those giant poster-size coloring pages you could work on — from both sides — which is hella therapeutic.

The focus you have when coloring the pages zones you in, it’s real chill.

The quiet time isn’t uncomfortable like normal sitting around. Plus, you get something awesome to hang on the walls after you’re done — something great for the house or apartment!

The date gets even cheaper when you download some of the free printable coloring pages from design sites and/or a quick Google search.

There’s also a cool way you can take an image, blow it up, and make it poster size. If you’re technical, you could upload and stylize a photo so it becomes a coloring page, too.

Adult coloring is in and we’re lovin’ it. Add this to the date night ideas list!

Oh yeah, here are some of the coloring books and posters we’d recommend: