Doing date night games at home is a ton of fun.

You save a good bit of money and who can argue with lounging around in pajamas, enjoying each others company, and getting to know one another.

Here’s what Nicole and I think you’ll enjoy:

Monopoly Deal

Monopoly is already a go-to game for parties but it becomes a mess. You get further along and before you know it people are losing it. They’re at each other’s throats and that’s no way to have a fun time.

Monopoly Deal is the core board game in card game form. It’s doable in about 10 – 15 minutes, making it super fun without getting boring.

What we like about it is the fast gameplay and stripped down rules. You have your property, action cards, and whatnot. You’re trying to collect at least three properties to win — but things get tricky as you’re trying to balance property, money, and people stealing from the field.

As you get better, you’ll start to develop neat strategies. Sometimes you’ll want to focus heavily on building property fast. Other times you’ll hit them hard with a massive rent collection that wipes them out. Overall, it’s one of our go-to card games as a game for date night.


We would have said Twister but that doesn’t work too well when you have thin walls and neighbors below you. Instead, we like to opt for Jenga because it doesn’t take up a ton of space, the rules are super simple, and you can add all kinds of gameplay modifiers.


  • Regular where you go one-on-one, removing a block at a time
  • Dice where you remove the amount after rolling dice
  • Fast where the clock is ticking and you gotta go fast

There’s always the fun “take a shot if the tower falls over” Jenga variant. There’s, truth or dare Jenga. And, strip Jenga which is quite a fun one if it’s that type of tantalizing night. It’s your choice. For less than one person’s meal, you can grab Jenga and have a couple of hours of game night goodness at home.

Portal 2

Portal 2 is probably the greatest date night video game you could pick. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s quirky. And, it’s not hard to pick up if one of you aren’t too keen on video games.

For those who don’t know: Portal is a game about creating portals to solve puzzles. You’ll use physics to get around different levels. There’s a cute and sometimes twisted story to keep the momentum going — which we’re sure you’ll both get a kick out of.

Portal 2 takes all those great concepts of the first game and makes it co-op. We guarantee your gaming date night will be a blast as the two of you try to figure out the puzzles. You can always add fun rules to the play, too, it’s up to you.

Nerf War

Grab two Nerf guns, load up on ammo, and turn your home or apartment into a battlefield. If you’ve got kids, get them involved!

The basic Nerf guns are good for this. If you can upgrade so you’re not having to reload each time that’s even better.

You could add in some hide & seek to the mix. Or, set up little forts and try to control territories! Make the floor lava for even more fun.

This is one of those date night games best if you don’t have nosey neighbors as the last thing you’ll want is the cops showing up trying to explain why you’re chasing each other around the house. We kid, we kid, but yeah, for like $10 – $20 you can get all set up with doing one of these Nerf wars.


Poker is an amazingly fun game and fairly easy to play.

Add as part of the date night and things can get heated and really thrilling! You do the classic strip poker or, what we like to do, is go the betting route.

Try betting things like:

  • Having to do something romantic
  • Actual money (that goes toward the next date night)
  • Betting who has to do the chores

There are so many different ways you can go with poker. Plus, there are tones of different variations to the rules. It’s also one of those perfect games if you want to sit out on the patio, having a drink or two, and take in the moonlight.

What are Your Favorite At-Home Date Night Games?

If it’s not an arcade game night, we like to bring that excitement back home with some gaming. It’s always a solid!

We could probably go on-and-on-and-on with this type of list because we’re two that definitely love our cheap dates. Especially when we get to lounge at home.

Leave a comment for your date night games recommendations!