You’ve probably drove past one of those Painting with a Twist places where you can have a glass (or two) of wine while painting. These are a pretty neat at-home date night idea but they’re not exactly on the cheap side.

So, why not do your own painting date night at home?

A DIY wine and paint date night has tons of possibilities once you add the extras. This could be having a romantic movie playing in the background, cooking together, or playing little games and goofing off as the drinks flow.

The painting supplies should cost you more than $30 – $50. That’s about $10 – $15 less per person compared to going to one of this paint and sip places. Plus, you can wear your jammies!

Follow along for what you’ll need and some neat videos to get the fun going.

Supplies for a Sip and Paint Date Night

Your DIY wine and paint depends on your tastes and technique.

You can save a ton by buying cheap wine at places like Aldis, Trader Joe’s, or if you snag a good coupon with apps like Ibotta.

The painting supplies are cheap given you avoid places like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and other craft stores that up charge quite a lot!

The main supplies you’ll need for this sip and paint night would be:

  • Canvas or art/illustration boards
  • Paints, watercolors, or markers/pens
  • Brushes and palettes
  • Drop-cloth or newspaper

A pair of old clothes is a good idea in case you get messy. The newspaper will go down around the area to make sure nothing gets on the floor, too.

You can buy these items separately or as art kits:

Good supplies go a long way if you two think you’ll do this often. Just make sure you wash/store the art supplies properly after you’re done so they hold up.

Painting Videos for Beginners: Easy Follow-a-Longs for the Date Night

Got some artistic talent? That’s great!

For the rest of us… it’s easier following along to someone like Bob Ross.

You can find a lot of his videos on YouTube. You’ll also find easy painting tutorials from other creators.

Set up a table or lay on the floor in the living room with the tutorial streaming. Then, follow along but don’t worry too much about getting it perfect. After all, it’s about having fun, right?

Having a Fun, Cheap DIY Wine and Paint Night

There are a lot of ways to add some variety to the paint night.

Try some of these paint and sip ideas to make it interesting:

  • Trying to paint a scene from one of your favorite movies
  • Sticking to a specific color palette as a challenge
  • Swapping half way through to finish their painting
  • Setting a theme to the subject or go abstract
  • Add in mixed media and experiment with the art

See what you can come up with!

If this is something you two enjoy, you could get more supplies, invite more people over, and have a couples paint party. Or, do a big gathering where you’re doing a wine and paint party!

Do you think you a DIY wine & paint date night is your type of thing? Leave a comment if you’d like to try this or if you’ve done it and wanted to share some tips! Give this a share on FB, too, and tag your lovely to see if they’d go for something fun like this 🙂