Fandango lets you order movie tickets online and through their app. They’re generally easy to use but they’ve definitely have their fair share of complaints. You can find all the basic info about movies from their site/app including showtimes and features.

Plus, you can basically skip the line because you’d have the ticket on-hand when you get there. And, get your pre-sale tickets pretty easy without any hassles, either. Sometimes Fandango does a promotion giving away free movie tickets, too.

Fandango Showtimes

Fandango also has a VIP program where you get little bonuses if you buy tickets through their site. These little goodies aren’t anything too crazy but it’s a nice gesture especially if you’re a huge fan of a movie series. The main complaint people have seems to be their shoddy customer service often leaving some people stranded at the theater. For others, they have no problem.

Fandango also has a good mix of everything on their site for movie buffs:

  • Trailers
  • Movie News
  • Photos & Media
  • Events

They condense movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and Fan Ratings so you have a little better idea of what you’re getting into. Dig around each movie listing and you’ll get cast & crew, some cool features, and of course info for its showtimes or release date.

Overall, Fandango works for dinner and a movie date nights (when they actually work).

Though for some… they’ve got other things to say:

Fandango Reviews

Although when you think about it: People don’t usually leave good reviews. One bad experience and people will go wild on review sites and social. Maybe this is the case? Hrm. Maybe not. These reviews do seem pretty consistent.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fandango

People have a lot of questions about Fandango (probably because they’re used to the old way of buying movie tickets). Let me answer a few of the frequently asked questions:

  1. Are there any fandango gift card discounts? Yeah, if you buy through Groupon or by doing a gift card exchange site.
  2. How do you get your tickets from Fandango? They’re delivered via email which you can show or swipe once you get to the theater.
  3. Can I use my Fandango card for popcorn? Nope, they’re only used for the website and their third-party sites.
  4. How do I activate a Fandango gift card? You go to the site or log into the app, then use the gift card during checkout.
  5. Do the gift cards expire? No.

Pretty straight-forward stuff, right? It’s like any other gift card.

Where can I buy a Fandango gift card?

Where else where you thinking besides their site — or on Amazon? Their site is pretty easy to grab one of these gift cards. Or, you can pick one up on Amazon and get an email confirmation. Getting it through Amazon is pretty cool since you don’t need to set up yet another online shopping account.

Let Me Know What You Think

I used to work at a movie theater back in the day.

It was fun for the movies but I hated it for the crowds. I generally skipped going to the movies because of this experience. It’s would be nice to buy tickets without dealing with anyone + getting to just go right up, flash your tix, and get into the movie without any hassles.

Give ’em a try, lemme know what you think of the service if you do. Hopefully the experience isn’t too bad like some pointed out. But hey, at least it’ll get out of the house and go on that date night you’ve been wanting.