Cute and Fun First Date Gifts to Make a Truly Great Impression

first date gifts

Are you looking for some good ideas for first date gifts?.

We’ve got plenty to make a great impression on your date. Check ’em out and bring back some of that old-school charm when you meet them for a fun day/night out!

Here are some of the ones that jumped out when creating this list.

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A Kawaiiiiii Plushie

A small, cuddly, and cute plushie is a nice surprise on a first date. If you think about it, this might have been something you won if going out to an arcade or fair. Except, they get the plushie in the beginning!

I’m sure you’ll have conversations about it, too, such as talking about your collections, animals, and more!

Some Thoughtful DIY Jewelry

By far, this is probably the coolest, creative first date gift. Why? Because it’s pretty personal but not overbearing as it would be if actual jewelry.

Something like a felt necklace, Perler bead earrings, or beaded bracelet are things that fall into this category. Plus, you can talk about DIY, projects, and hobbies!

A Heartfelt Mixtape

Playlists are cool but let’s bring back the mixtape! A mixtape really sets the mood for the first date and many more if things fire up! You can say a lot through music.

Shaping a story through a careful selection of tracks is truly an art. If they’re big into music then this will be an instant hit. Plus, you have something great to listen to while venturing out for the day/night!

Really Delicious Chocolates

You can’t really go wrong with chocolates as a date night gift. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac (so they say) but more importantly: chocolate is oh-so-delicious.

Ditch the chocolate bar or something a bit more elegant, though, like chocolate truffles. Or, get serious and swing by a bakery/candy shop for fresh goodness to really take getting first date gifts to that next level.

A Tasty Bottle of Wine

It’s likely the two of you are going out for something traditional like dinner and a movie. You’ll have plenty of drinks there. But, if you’re doing something non-traditional for a first date then a bottle of wine may really hit the spot!

Now you’ve got a nice drink to bring along with you to whatever you’ve got planned whether it’s a trip to the springs, a backyard movie type of night, or whatever!

A Date Night Gift Basket

Want to make a huge first impression? Try putting together a gift basket of things they love and you’ve talked about leading up to the first date.

Scroll through your old chats and pin-point those interests. Have a look at their FB or IG to see the things they like. Then, piece it all together! Alternatively, you could pick up a gift set.

Whatever the Heck This Is

I don’t know if this is gonna have them running to the hills or falling deeply in love with you on the first date… but who can say no to a giant pizza blanket?

I mean… just look at it!

Gifts on a First Date… What Do You Think?

Is it too much to bring a gift to your first date? Or, maybe it’s old school and charming? I guess it really depends on who you’re meeting, right?! I think it’s a sweet idea since it’s likely the two of you are going out and having fun anyway. As long as it’s nothing too big or sappy it, ya know?

What do you think? Drop a comment, below, with your thoughts on it all and some of your first date gifts & ideas you’ve tried or thought about!